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Bilitong Y097 Powerbank 4600

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Power Bank Bilitong Y097, (Black, 3600 mah, slim, USB output 5V 1,5A, with cables for apple iphone 5, with micro-USB cable) 

Power Bank is a portable battery which helps you to charge your device anytime and anyplace.
Power Bank is:
Small and Compact. All portable batteries are lightweight and small.
Universal. Power Bank is compatible with portable players, iPods, video and photo cameras, cell phones, tablets, laptops and many other devices.
Reliable. Output voltage of a Power Bank is controlled by a built-in microcomputer. The system is protected against overcharging, deep discharge, overheating or battery short circuit.
High-capacity. Fully charged Power Bank can charge a smartphone or any other handheld device for several times.