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Jabra BT2045 Bluetooth Headset 100-92045000-33

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25,00 €

Jabra BT2045 Bluetooth Headset 100-92045000-33: A wireless, Bluetooth headset that can be paired with two devices simultaneously and gives you up to 8 hours talk time.
•Easy to use, wear and enjoy
•Attractive design
•Clear sound
•Multiuse™ - connects to 2 Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
•Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 10 days standby time
Safe driving
Matching safety while driving and calls is of outmost importance at Jabra. Jabra BT2045 provides true handsfree convenience and exceptional ease-of-use, so that you can drive safely, keeping in touch and making your calls without wires and with both hands on the wheel.
Make the most of your calls
Whether at home or on the go, get the most out of you calls and your time with the Jabra BT2045. Optimised sound quality on all your calls, great value for money and a practical and intuitive headset is ensured. The Jabra BT2045 delivers solid performance and an appealing design at a great price – all in one package.